St. Patrick’s Day Concert

Honors students and WSU alumni celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at the Hanover Theater.  Thanks to President Maloney for a great night of Celtic music!



Caramel Apples in the Library

What better way to start off the Halloween weekend than with warm caramel apples covered in the best toppings. The apples were messy and it was a guarantee  that eating one would result in caramel on one’s face, but it was well worth the mess. Over 60 honors students made it to the Halloween party, making it a success! Besides delicious, sticky caramel it was a great opportunity for some catching up. Thank you to all the honors students who made it to this year’s Halloween party! Halloween party 2015. 1 Halloween party 2015. 3

Interested in joining Enactus?


 Enactus is a group of students who work on community service projects that will make a difference in the world. The three general criteria for the projects are planet, people, and profit; how these projects will impact those three factors. We welcome all majors and each student can pick one of the projects we are currently on or can start a new project with approval from the board members and Dr. Mahoney (you do need to fill out some type of a proposal called a needs assessment to start a project and you can be a project manager if you start a new project). However, the students do not have to be part of a project; he or she can help with fundraisers or be a board member. The projects can last for a year or so depending on the complexity of the projects. Every year in the spring, we go to regional and national competitions where we present our finished projects. Right now, the meeting is every Tuesday at 5:00 in S205.
The group recently went to St. Louis and had an incredible time. Read on for Brittany Desilets description of the event!
“Attending the Enactus National Exposition in St. Louis was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. The people you are able to meet while you are there is just amazing; speaking one on one with CEO’s and other executives of some of the biggest companies in the world is truly amazing. Our team was walking down the street to a welcome party hosted by Unilever and we ran into a Unilever executive and had a great conversation with him. We were also lucky enough to attend the Top-to-Future-Top Forum and Luncheon where we sat at a table with a few executives from different companies and were able to have a great discussion with them. I met a female executive from Schwann Foods who shared her journey to her current position with me and it was truly inspiring. Of all the networking opportunities we were granted, the best was attending the career fair. There were so many great companies that had opportunities for internships and employment with knowledgeable recruiters and even executives around at times. We were able to get our resumes in at companies that we may not have been noticed by if we did not attend the competition. Personally, I was excited to speak with recruiters from KPMG and express my interest in working for their company. I am truly grateful for the experiences I had while at the National Expo and I would like to thank the Honors Program for funding our travels.”

I left a piece of my heart in Granada, Spain by Meghan Deighan


deighan I have recently found myself being asked the question, “So, what is it about studying abroad that people love so much?”

Here is my answer: Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Of course, I agree, you can travel around the world at any point in your life. However, studying abroad is more than just traveling. I was immersed in a culture with a new family, in a new country with new customs, currency, and language. I was surrounded by strangers who could tell I didn’t belong just by looking at me. At first, it was tough. I can’t say that I hopped off the plane in the Madrid-Barajas airport and felt nothing but pure joy. I was feeling a plethora of emotions. Not only was I exhausted from an 8 hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean, I was scared. I said goodbye to my parents at Logan Airport in Boston for what almost felt like I was never going to see them again. Reflecting on these feelings now is pretty surreal to me because of the incredible experience I had. While abroad, my friends and I were able to visit many countries, including Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, The Netherlands, Morocco, and France.

One of my all-time favorite quotes is “I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” Here at Worcester State, I am a double major in Nursing and Spanish. Since I’ve always been eager to explore Europe, I decided to study abroad in Spain. At first, I was unsure of which city to study in. I browsed all the catalogs and was stuck between Madrid, Barcelona and Granada. Katey Palumbo, our study abroad director, was of great assistance to me. She informed me that while the larger cities could be overwhelming at times. Granada was a university-centered city, in the southeast of Spain with access to mountains (Las Sierra Nevadas) and beaches, all within less than an hour of each other. The Alhambra is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, and I was lucky enough to see it on my way to school. I would recommend studying abroad to all students, but especially honors students. What better way to improve your language skills or see history right before your eyes?


I would also recommend that you contact Dr. Weierman and Dr. Hood-DeGrenier about applying for the Sheehan Study Abroad Scholarship. This scholarship is $1,000 that can go towards a semester-long study abroad experience. I was honored to receive this through the Honors Program, and it helped financially with my flight to and from Spain. And two of my Spanish courses at the University of Grenada were eligible for honors credit. If you are an honors student on the fence about studying abroad, I would absolutely recommend it. It has been the most influential experience to date, and it certainly changed my life.

Job opportunity in WSU Conference and Event Services Office

The Conference and Event Services Office (CESO) is now hiring! Know a student who is looking for a job for the upcoming semester? We are now accepting applications for the Event Staff position within the Conference and Event Services Office (CESO).

We offer flexible scheduling, exposure to a variety of different professional staff and this position is a great resume builder! Apply by clicking the link below, applications are due by October 30th.

Link to apply:

Resumes are encouraged as well, please send them to

Washington D.C. Trip

Last spring break was Worcester State University’s 3rd annual Washington D.C. Student Leadership Program. There were student leaders present from a few different programs on campus. The trip was again a success with the majority of the trip spent at Capital Hill discussing higher education and advocating for the average college student with legislative representatives. Students found out how much finesse is required when conversing with politicians. The trip was also filled with bike rides around the National Mall, trips to Smithsonian Museum, the Air and Space Museum, Vietnam War Memorial, and much more.

Included are some quotes from students who attended the D.C. trip and their thoughts on it:

“Presenting these ideas to national leaders was empowering and it felt great to have our voices heard. We bonded as a group over these few days, learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses and creating lasting bonds.” – Gwendolyn Bois

“I really enjoyed this trip and everything I got from it, including new skills, confidence, and friends. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of gaining new experiences and broadening their horizons!” -Rachel McLean

“Through this trip, I learned so much more than I would have in a traditional classroom setting. This educational experience has been the best part of my college career to date. Previous to this Student Leadership Program, I had never participated in any form of advocacy. It was so inspiring and interesting to discuss issues of higher education with politicians. It was great to hear the various politicians listen to our concerns and be open to suggestions that we had regarding Federal Pell Grants, financial literacy, policies impacting international students, and internships. They truly appreciated that our group of students cared about the Worcester State Community and were committed to improving the community.” – Kelsey Miskis

“As a naturalized United States citizen, visiting Washington D.C., was especially impactful for me. I was able to finally see the monuments, buildings, and documents that were instrumental in the building of this great nation. The sightseeing and bonding were only enriched by what was our workload while there. I say “workload” lightly, because while there was thought and research involved in crafting topics to address with our congressmen, the planning sessions were one of my favorite parts of the trip. … I believe each of us stepped up in our own ways and showed Washington D.C. what Worcester State is all about.” – Daniel Figueiredo

DC        lincoln3

Dream Catchers

Thursday, October 15th in Wasylean 7 Hills over 40 honors students came down to learn how to make a dream catcher. We had feathers, bright colored beads, and friendship bracelet string everyday. As you can see, everyone was very engaged in the construction of their dream catcher. Thanks to everyone who joined us, hope to see you soon!

dream catchers 1

dream catchers 2

Interested in becoming part of the Student Support Network?

The Counseling Center is offering a training series called the Student Support Network.  Participants will receive weekly training on various topics regarding mental health including depression and anxiety, stress management, support and leadership skills, among others. This is a great opportunity for you to learn valuable skills that you can apply directly to your daily life, your roles at WSU, and to your future career.  The series consists of 6 sessions, 1-hour per week.  The training will begin on October 2nd at 11:30 in the Fallon room.  If you are interested please RSVP Dianna at  Thanks for your interest!

Honors Pizza Lunch



Our annual Honors Pizza Lunch was a success, filled with new and returning Honors students. Everyone is off to a great start this fall. Thanks to everyone that came out to the Blue Lounge to enjoy some pizza!

So what did you do this summer?

Dr. Weierman attended “Food Politics” Faculty Institute, organized by the National Collegiate Honors Council, which featured visits to the Iowa State Fair, the World Food Prize, and the Center for Food Security and Public Health at Iowa State University.  Honors students, get ready for some “Place as Text” pedagogy in future classes!